Indian Embassy

Before dealing with the aims and objectives of the working of Embassies around the world and maintaining their diplomatic relations with each other it is very essential to understand the key words come in the process of diplomatic relations.

An Embassy is a diplomatic building where ambassadors live or work. An Ambassador is a person who is in charge of the permanent diplomatic mission. After the dismantling of colonialism, all those countries which got freedom from the clutches of the British imperialism are commonly known as Commonwealth countries. So, the Diplomatic Missions which are working between the Commonwealth countries of Afro-Asian countries are known as High Commissions and the persons who are in charge or heads of these Missions are known as High Commissioners.

If the country is having important cities then Consulates or Assistant High Commissions are being deputed like a Junior Ambassador to take care of minor diplomatic tasks. In this age of globalization, the diplomatic missions among all the nations of the world are working like a uniting force to make this world as Global Village.

The diplomatic missions of India around the world are working towards the same objective of uniting the world in the common string of global brotherhood with global nationalism irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religions, ethnicity, gender etc.

Indian Embassies

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