Rajahmundry Airport RJA

The sudden focus of concentration on developments of airport is no hidden fact for anyone. The basic reasons, which led to this, are the excessive boost in the tourism industry, and a severe rise in the air traffic. India happens to be one of those countries that have attempted to develop fine infrastructure regarding its airports in several cities. Location

Rajahmundry airport RJA is a public airport, which is regulated by the Airport Authority India (AAI). Rajahmundry airport RJA is situated on the following coordinates: the longitudinal coordinates are 81° 47’ 0” E, and the latitudinal coordinates are 16° 59’ 0” N. The world area code for this airport is 733. Rajahmundry Airport RJA is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The airports that are nearby to the Rajahmundry Airport RJA include the Vijayawada airport, Vishakhapatnam airport, Hyderabad airport, Tirupati Airport, and Raipur airport. These airports are 116 km, 173 km, 356 km, 443 km, and 466 km away respectively from the Rajahmundry airport.

Airlines and Destinations

The several airlines that use the Rajahmundry airport include Kingfisher Airline and Jet Airways. The popular destinations where one can go from Rajahmundry Airport RJA are Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Vijayawada.


The Rajahmundry Airport RJA has a runway of length 6000 ft with a runway elevation of 151 ft. The number of countries it serves is one, and so is the number of continents. The average route distance is 404 km.

Improvisations have been done on the infrastructure of the Rajahmundry Airport RJA. Installation of scanning equipment for check-in and hand baggage has been done. Furthermore, the departure lounge is spacious and has additional comfort due to air conditioning. Modifications have been done on baggage counters, runway expansions, visitors waiting area, etc.

Rajahmundry airport RJA is located in a district where there is a lot of potential for tourism, and it is strategically valued a lot for being a good connecting point for business people. The airport has been given facelifts to attract more flights as the Rajahmundry airport has a huge potential to control air traffic.

Assistance regarding car rentals and hotel bookings is also available on the airport.

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